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At Porto do Sul, we bring the authentic food from Southern Brazil to our guests by utilizing only fresh local produce on our Harvest Table, succulent meats served table side by our Gauchos chefs with the hospitality that will make you feel welcome; as if you were at your own home. Our meats are prepared on a Southern Brazilian style Churrasco, seasoned with sea salt and grilled to perfection on open fire.

This is how Edson and Leonice Ludwig were raised on the south of Brazil, cooking and preparing meals with their families, preserving and sharing the traditions passed on from generation to generation using authentic recipes from their families.

During your experience at Porto Do Sul, please make sure not to miss our diversified and exotic menus that we created for The Bar and outside patio, including our famous Feijoada. We also offer a ‘To Go’ menu for The Bar and a ‘Take Out’ menu for your special events. We serve our famous Caipirinhas along with an amazing selection of wines, draft beers and unique cocktails.

Our assorted Brazilian style desserts, such as passion fruit mousse , authentic Brazilian flan, tiramisu and more may also be purchased at The Bar.

With our Rodizio dinner and our sumptuous Harvest Table, you may also enjoy a selection of hot items created from authentic recipes from Southern Brazil such as Brazilian Feijoada , Carreteiro, Collard Greens, options for vegetarian regular black beans, rice, as well as our signature six cheese Mac n‘ Cheese, marinara pasta and eggplant Parmesan.

Our Grandmother’s signature chicken soup couldn’t be left out so it’s also on our menu!


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