Blake - Overland Park, Ks

The food was amazing but, what really impressed me at this new place in town was the service, It is second to none. From the hostesses to the meat servers (the “gauchos” as they call themselves) to the drink re-fillers, you are treated like a VIP every minute. I will definitely bring my family back many times.

Review Date: 12/12/2015

Christine L. - Overland Park, Ks

All you can eat buffets are not my favorite and this is what this is, basically. Although the service is anything like a regular all you can eat buffet. They carve the meat at our table, always hot and fresh from the grill. The caipirinha drink is fairly expensive but I had to have two before dinner; they are simply delicious!

Review Date: 18/12/2015

Patrick - Chicago, IL

During a business trip to Overland Park, I though I would try the Brazilian Rodizio, which I had done once about 2 years ago in New York and did not have a very good experience. Unlike my previous experience, this was one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten. I am a carnivore and they offered me a feast for under fifty bucks. Unbeatable. I can wait for my next trip to Overland Pk.

Review Date: 19/01/2016


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Porto do Sul Churrascaria

11900 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, Kansas 66213
Office: 913.283.9180